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Spring Portraits: The Bailey Family

This wonderful family loved their little ones so well. It was obvious in their patience with an attitude, their willingness to explore and grant a break to a toddler or two, and all of the available arms to hold and hug the littlest babies. It encouraged my heart as a Mama, and a photographer, to see such grace poured out during what can be a stressful time..

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Newborn: Maverick

It's always such an honor being asked to capture someone's newest family member. It's even more exciting when you're asked back to photograph the youngest little's arrival. It seems like just last month that I was getting to watch these two sweet parents snuggle on their firstborn. Now they look even more in love as a family of four. Little Mr. Maverick was the most content and model-like baby. He was happy to be swaddled, held, passed around, kissed on, and photographed the entire time I was there. Momma is a rockstar and has always handled our sessions beautifully (and with such grace toward her camera shy toddler). She just glows as the mother of her two boys. Dad was amazing and managed to sneak away from a busy day of work to get in on a couple of shots (thanks, Dad!). Brother was still adjusting to his new role, but happily showed us his train collection, and even managed a few kisses for his baby brother. I'll never get over that newborn love that sweeps over a family in those first few weeks. It's my favorite. 

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Fresh 48: Maverick Levi

Is there anything more exciting that waiting for a new baby to make their appearance? Oh my goodness, it's hard to top. We spent the better part of an afternoon and evening waiting on this little fella to arrive, only to go home, sleep, and wake up to the news that he arrived in the middle of the night. I packed up my camera and made my way to the hospital to snap a few of my newest nephew meeting his big sisters. These moments have got to be some of my favorite to capture. 

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