Family Portraits: The Bumgardners

It’s been nearly a week of clouds and rain, so to see the sun on the morning of our session was a complete joy. Jessica messaged me way back in February to schedule a session for her and her little ones. It’s always nerve wracking to pencil in a date and hope for the best when it comes to weather in the Spring. But it paid off and we had a beautiful morning for this gorgeous foursome. It took some convincing and “warming up” from the younger crowd, I think their genuine smiles came around just fine (though little miss Eva’s pouty lip is pretty cute). We climbed hills, blew puffy white dandelions into the wind, and picked little yellow flowers to give to Mama. Here’s to big love in the little years, to Mama’s arms being the safest place, and to toothy grins with your siblings.

Jessica Rutherford