Life Lately

Well hey friend, how are you? It’s been a bit since I’ve been super active on social media (sorry!). I think that’s partly due to the fact that we’re moving our entire family’s lives six hours away in just over a month. Overwhelm is just slightly to blame. ;) But in all honesty, things are going well. Boxes are starting to pile up and the “lasts” and the “goodbyes” have started their bittersweet parade. The year thus far has been quite the ride, and I know it’s not stopping for the foreseeable future.

For those of you who aren’t aware, earlier this month, my husband had to wave goodbye to his decade long career as a corporate pilot due to the company changing hands. Let me say this, we live in a small town area. Aviation type careers do not abound around these parts. So after our initial freak out, God showed up, guys. In a big way. We found out about the job change just before Christmas. Per my husband’s job, he was gone for eight days after Christmas and over New Years. I may have been a pilot’s wife for years now, but those long trips get to me every time. I’m not the best at being alone. Especially with the added stress of two little ones this year (who were also sick at the time, because #life). I unashamedly stood in my kitchen while I anger cleaned the dishes one night, hot tears burning my eyes, and begged God “Wherever you take us just please, I can’t do these long trips anymore. I just can’t do this life forever. We need him home.”

We started off 2019 spending month praying and fasting during our church’s annual 21 day fast. It was during this time that things that we were so scared about (where are we going to go?! what are we going to do?! how is this going to work out?!) started to seamlessly fall into place. My husband interviewed with a company who loved him. He landed a job that will still be in aviation AND allow me to stay home with the kids for the time being. He is also waving goodbye to long trips and overnights. Our man is going to have actual hours (varied though they may be) and will be home with us at some point during the day. I can’t express how much that means to the three of us. Yes, we may be moving further away than I would like to be. Yes, we are saying goodbye (let’s be honest, a “See ya later” since grandparents still live here…we’ll be visiting!) to our people. But we are walking into a season that (I hope!) we’ve wanted since that first little baby rocked our world. Kids change life. But our family is so worth it. Ultimately, God’s peace has been so heavy over this whole thing. There hasn’t been a step taken that doesn’t seem like He hasn’t orchestrated. From the hire, to our new rental, to job specifics, everything. It’s all just been laced with peace, grace, and answer upon answer to prayer. Which is saying a lot from the queen of panic and anxiety and reluctance to change. This usual bundle of nerves is actually excited. Maybe not about packing and physically moving (especially away from my parents). But this is an adventure that I’m excited to embark upon.

Anyway, I’ve also been trying to pick up my big girl camera and document life more often this year. Here’s a peak into the first quarter of 2019. Enjoy!