Friday Favorites: In-Home Story Sessions

Did you know that I offer more than just your average family photo session? I do! In fact, these In-Home Story sessions are one of the things that makes my heart beat with excitement every time I get to shoot one. I think it’s easy to get stuck in the cycle of thinking that “updating your family photos” every year means that it needs to look exactly the same every year. Do I still love an outdoor session with dressier outfits and trying to capture the perfect family shot? Absolutely! I love receiving Christmas cards from clients with their family photos collaged with their greetings. But there is something different about these In-Home Story sessions, something special. I love how these sessions really capture life. The mundane occurrences like putting on shoes or reading a book, both things that you can easily overlook day-to-day, but will one day miss.

If you are in need of family photos this year but would like to try something a little more unique, consider an In-Home Story session! We can plan an fun activity like baking cookies for Valentines Day or Christmas, making pancakes for a fancy breakfast session, dyeing eggs for Easter, or even just busting out a favorite board game. Giggles and fun are guaranteed with these sessions and they are usually a lot less pressure. Need an extra bonus? These can happen any time of the year, no matter the weather. Too hot for the park or too icy to go outside? You can still end up with a gallery full of images that capture your family’s unique personalities and some really precious memories. As a Mama myself, I adore these types of photos of my own children. The photos of them being kids, being themselves, and having fun. These are the types of things that both we as parents and they as children will remember about the “good old days”. Why not have a visual reminder of this time?

Take a peek at this quick mini portfolio of some of my favorite In-Home Story Sessions below and see if they don’t get your creative juices flowing for a Story session of your own. As always, shoot me a message, if you’d like to grab a spot on my calendar!