Fresh 48: The Bailey Twins

What is better than sweet newborn baby details? Twice the newborn baby details! I was so excited when I received the email to photograph my first twin session. The Bailey family welcomed Emmy & Beckett into their family on a beautiful September day. When I walked into their hospital room, I couldn’t get over how well adjusted Mom and Dad seemed with these two. A baby for each set of arms, a set of arms for each baby. I was immediately in love with Emmy’s adorable little nose and Beckett’s alertness. I have such a soft spot for these Fresh 48 sessions. Babies lose those freshly earth side features so quickly. You’ll see from their newborn session how fast they change. I’m grateful the Bailey family welcomed me into their cozy newborn bubble of love to let me freeze those wrinkly feet, fuzzy cheeks, and tiny noses in time.

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I love Fresh 48 sessions. There is nothing, n-o-t-h-i-n-g, that captures such raw emotion like a family and a fresh new life. Mom and Dad are always in the hazy-over-the-moon-and-completely-overwhelmed-but-so-so-so-in-love stage that just makes my heart smile. I love new baby skin and hair and their teeny fresh-from-the-womb details. I love hearing birth stories. I feel privileged to be allowed access into the sacred bubble of a newborn's hospital room. If you'd like to book one of your own, let's chat.